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Major Bridge Components Major Bridge Component graphic

The new bridge is made up of four major components :

  1. The foundations -- which are the most risky since nearly all work is underwater. The foundations have been completed.
  2. The towers -- Construction on the two 400-foot towers is currently underway.  Work on the towers is expected to last until early 2012.
  3. The deck -- the driving surface of the bridge
  4. The cables -- One of the major support structures for the bridge.  The deck and the cables will be installed at the same time.

The foundations for the new Mississippi River Bridge reach about 100 feet below the Mississippi surface -- pending on water levels. Normally, the foundations go through about 30 feet of water, 70 feet of mud and silt and 20 feet of limestone.  If you were to look at the bridge from the side, it would look something like this:

Side cutaway view, new Mississippi River Bridge

What is a cable stayed bridge?

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